Treatment for Sexual Addiction for Southern Alberta Residents

What is Sexual Addiction and how can it come about?

According to renowned expert Doug Weiss from his website, here is a quick way to understand the subject: Sex addiction is the active using of a sexual behavior, whether it is masturbation, an internet porn addiction, fetishes and/or behavior with self or others in a compulsive life-destroying pattern. This is a real issue impacting millions of individuals, marriages, and families around the globe. The impact is felt in the life of the addict and his or her surrounding family members and friends. You and the one you love can recover from the damaging effects the addiction can have on your relationship. Whether you are an addict or the partner of an addict: you are not alone and there is hope!

It is often in response to unresolved conflict to traumatic events, but certainly has a biological component to it. For more information on the subject and how to deal with it, please contact us.

How does Standing Stones treat Sexual Addiction?

It is not easy to talk about sex addiction or the devastating impact it has on partners and family. Dianne’s straightforward approach helps her clients move past the shame and embarrassment and get to the root of the addiction and set goals toward recovery for the person who is struggling and/or their partners. Healthy intimacy and restored relationships are possible when people are honest and willing to make changes. 

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Dysfunctional Relationship Counselling

Improve your interactions with spouses, partners and loved ones.

Codependency Counselling

Work with Dianne to break bad patterns and enabling tendencies.

Partners of Sexual Addiction and Betrayal

Dianne provides a safe place for patients to share their feelings and work out their problems.

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